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Limited edition of 500 copies only

Nature is a temple where living pillars

Let escape sometimes confused words;

Man traverses it through forests of symbols

That observe him with familiar glances.

Like long echoes that intermingle from afar

In a dark and profound unity.

Vast like the night and like the light,

The perfumes, the colors and the sounds respond.

There are perfumes fresh like the skin of infants

Sweet like oboes, green like prairies,

And others corrupted, rich and triumphant.

That have the expanse of infinite things,

Like ambergris, musk, balsam and incense,

Which sing the ecstasies of the mind and senses.

Les Fleurs du Mal, 1857

Ch. Baudelaire.

Synesthésie 2006 ou 2007 is used by Beaudelaire to describe his mystical experience and the ineffable.
Scents are liked to sound, color, and touch. One sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic,
involuntary experiences in another sensory or cognitive pathway.

Five senses are to be dissociated when will taste simultaneously in two different glasses Synesthésie 2006 and 2007 by Champagne Collard-Picard:

Have a good trip in "Les Fleurs du Bien" ...

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Caroline and Olivier Collard

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation

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Caroline and Olivier Collard are 5th generation Champagne families passionate about preserving the great wine-making traditions of Champagne. Olivier Collard, chef de cave, has rushed nothing in order to make these two exceptional vintage Champagnes that reflect the great bottlings of the past. There are 500 signed and numbered gift boxes.

Only the ‘Coeur de cuvée’ is used, which is the very purest juice drawn from the first pressing. The wine is aged in traditional large oak foudres. Malolactic fermentation is withheld, allowing the Champagne to age for many years. Rarely used traditional corks and clips enable the Champagne to breathe while it matures on the lees for ten years minimum in the cellars, developing complexity.

The vines have an average age of 45 years. 80% is Chardonnay from the famous Grand Crus of Mesnil-sur-Oger and Oger in the Côte des Blancs. 20% is Pinot Noir from the south-facing Reuil vineyard in the Marne Valley. The dosage of 2g/l, classified ‘Extra-Brut’, is exceptionally low, allowing the Champagne to fully express the terroir of the exceptional vineyards. These two Champagnes can keep for up to 15 years in optimal conditions and must be stored away from sunlight.

The sight, the touch, the hearing, the smell and finally the taste: "Because the pleasure of the senses gives meaning to pleasure ..."

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Members of Synesthésie Club Collard-Picard

"500 numbered gift boxes, 500 members"

The purchase of a box "Synesthésie" allows you to enter in the Synesthésie Private Club Collard-Picard. Being a member offers the possibility of exclusively buying Vintages Synesthésie 2006 and 2007. You can relive emotions linked to the senses provided by the tasting experience of these two vintages.